30 for 30 MLB roundup: Takeaways from Urias' debut

Dodgers rookie Julio Urias needed a little guidance from catcher Yasmani Grandal in his big league debut. Al Bello/Getty Images

Among the 81 pitches that Julio Urias threw in his 2⅔-inning big league debut, there were perhaps a baker's dozen that generated double-takes of surprise from the 19-year-old lefty. As Ron Darling noted on the New York Mets' broadcast, he threw pitches to the edges of the strike zone that he anticipated would be called strikes by plate umpire Dan Bellino.

But when that didn't happen, Urias' neck would straighten, as if he'd been poked in the chin, and he'd glance toward the plate, with the thought balloon seemingly forming over his Dodgers cap: Really? That really wasn't a strike?

The Mets waited him out and chased him from the mound before the end of the third inning. Urias was beaten and probably a little confused by how the first major league hitters he faced wouldn't swing at stuff that regularly enticed minor league hitters.

Urias will be back, but the Dodgers do not have any grand plans to have him carry a heavy load.