If baseball doesn't work out ...

We are about 12 hours from the Super Bowl as I write this, and I'm sitting here puzzling about who, in major league baseball, might have had the right stuff to play in the Super Bowl:

1. Carl Crawford. He is 6-foot-3 and 220 pounds and built like Larry Fitzgerald. He has the speed of Chris Johnson. He was recruited to play quarterback at Nebraska. Gold Glove-caliber hands.

2.Kyle Farnsworth. I'm envisioning a middle linebacker. Does anybody in baseball tackle better than the longtime reliever? (See some links here.)

3.Torii Hunter. He has free safety written all over him, as some catchers who were run over by him would attest.

4.Roy Halladay. He's the closest thing major league baseball has to Peyton Manning. The guy would live in the tape room, studying opposing defenses.

5.Chase Utley. You could see him being a possession receiver who is willing to go over the middle and take the hit in order to get the first down.

6.Pablo Sandoval. Big enough to be a middle linebacker, and his sack dance would be outstanding.

7.Adam Dunn. I know he was a quarterback in his younger days, but at 6-6 and 240 pounds, he would be a pretty good left tackle.

8.Todd Helton. Peyton Manning replaced him as the quarterback at the University of Tennessee.

9.Matt Holliday. He's got history in football, he's got the body to be a linebacker/tight end-type, and is known as a tough guy.

10.And a special mention for Paul O'Neill, who would be perfect on the special teams, after demonstrating his gift for kicking a baseball. (I tried to find the video of it this morning, but didn't have any luck; it's great stuff, though, if you haven't seen it.)

Let's hear some nominations from the readers.

• The Caribbean Series is nearing its conclusion, with the Dominicans in a commanding position.

• After I wrote some statistics about protection -- which hitters had the most fastballs thrown to the guys ahead of them in 2009 -- there was some specific criticism about the numbers and the casting within the comments section.