Five outfield trade alternatives

An official with one of the teams chasing the top outfielders mused Monday about his own team's interest in one of the free agents.

"We really like him," the official said. "But at those numbers he's talking about? That's crazy to me. The biggest thing right now is that you want to avoid a major mistake."

The sticker shock -- which I wrote about on Saturday --has set in for some potential buyers and it isn't going away any time soon. It figures that the Philadelphia Phillies will sign one of the available options, but as some teams take a step back, they'll take a second look at the trade market and reassess some alternatives, in light of the prices on the open market.

Curtis Granderson: The New York Yankees picked up his $15 million option for 2013, but given their other payroll concerns, it figures they would listen to trade offers for him. Granderson clubbed 43 homers last season, though he hit just .232 and struck out 195 times. For an interested team willing to give up a prospect, he could provide a big jolt of power without requiring the massive long-term investment.

A left-handed hitter with big power, Granderson has been an excellent fit for Yankee Stadium. But he hit 17 homers in 81 road games last season, as well, which was among the most in the majors.