No escape for Yanks, A-Rod

Derek Jeter turns 39 years old Wednesday, and it’s somehow fitting that within the career-long dynamic that has bound Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, The Captain gets cake and presents on the same day that everybody is talking about whether Rodriguez should shut up. And, as usual, Rodriguez brought it upon himself with his ninth tweet, Wallace Matthews writes.

Brian Cashman’s words are his and his alone, and he is the only one in the organization who will have to explain Wednesday why he said what he said and whether owner Hal Steinbrenner thinks his words are appropriate for a highly ranked officer of a prominent company. Cashman knows better than anyone -- after almost two decades of putting out organizational fires -- that his words turned this from a brushfire into a back-page conflagration.

But really, the Yankees’ general manager was speaking for a whole lot of people, from top to bottom, who are fed up with Rodriguez -- from the highest offices in the organization to some of Rodriguez’s peers in the clubhouse.