NL trade deadline preview

The perception in some corners around baseball is that the Chicago Cubs fared well in their trade of Scott Feldman to the Baltimore Orioles Tuesday. "They turned a one-year rental into pieces that can help [going forward]," said an AL evaluator. "They signed him knowing that they could get something for him if he bounced back, and it paid off."

No one doubts that Jake Arrieta is talented, and as the Orioles know from their experience with Chris Davis, sometimes it just takes longer for some players to blossom than others. Maybe that will happen with Arrieta now that he is with the Cubs, a team that continues to collect as much volume as possible, in the same way the Astros have.

There are more deals to come from the Cubs in the days ahead, with Kevin Gregg and Matt Garza replacing Feldman on their front burner. When David DeJesus returns from the disabled list later this month, the Cubs probably will assess the interest for him and Nate Schierholtz and trade one, but not both.

Beyond the Cubs, here is how the trade market is shaping up for the rest of the teams in the National League.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Aaron Hill just came back, and they remain hopeful that Adam Eaton will return sometime soon to the everyday lineup. Their trade-market focus is pitching: They have been among the teams talking about Gregg for bullpen help, and about Yovani Gallardo and others for their rotation.