Jose Fernandez takes his place

Not merely among the best young pitchers in the game, Jose Fernandez is among the best, period. Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

A longtime evaluator who saw Jose Fernandez recently mentioned that the right-hander is among the three best pitchers in the majors.

"Among the three best young pitchers?" I asked.

No, he said. Among the three best.

"Among the three best right-handers?" I asked, seeking some sort of clarification.

No, he said. One of the three best.

Clayton Kershaw. Matt Harvey. And the Marlins’ 21-year-old, in the eyes of this scout. (This was before news of the Harvey injury had broken.)

It’s just an opinion, but it was a statement so strong that it reminded me of that time in May 2012 when Oakland GM Billy Beane said over the phone that he thought Mike Trout would be the best overall player in the major leagues by the end of the season. The fact that a thought like this could form, arguable or not, says a whole lot about just how good Jose Fernandez is already, in his first 25 games in the big leagues.