Cleveland's plea to Ubaldo Jimenez

For Cleveland to have any shot in the AL Central, it needs the old Ubaldo Jimenez to emerge. Matthew Emmons/US Presswire

Ubaldo Jimenez is known for being an intelligent guy. In the aftermath of Sunday's incident -- in which he hit former teammate Troy Tulowitzki in the elbow with a fastball before rushing off the mound and seemingly inviting the opportunity for more than just angry words -- Jimenez gave a perfectly worded answer in addressing the question of whether he had aimed his fastball at Tulowitzki.

Defense lawyers all over America would be proud of what he said in explaining his actions, as described in Paul Hoynes' story this morning:

    "It was the first inning and I didn't have good control of my fastball. You guys can see that. I walked the first guy. Tulo is one of the best hitters in the game and you have to try to go inside on him and that's what I tried to do."
    "I was surprised," said Jimenez, when asked about Tulowitzki moving toward him. "I've never had any problem with him. He was calling me things.