Francona's decision pays off

MINNEAPOLIS -- The first pitch of Sunday’s game here was still more than an hour away and Terry Francona was chewing gum at a record-setting rate, faster than any creature in history -- faster than any cud-chewing Holstein or Jersey cow, ever.

The Indians had everything within their control: If they won Sunday, they would clinch home field in Wednesday’s wild-card game, regardless of what the Rays or the Rangers did. But Francona’s gnashing told you he had some nerves working.

He was asked: Did you get much sleep last night?

"I woke up about 2:30," Francona replied, and he had a need for ice cream. A lot of it. So he called down to room service and asked if they had some, and ordered two pints -- one chocolate, one vanilla. Francona also asked for chocolate sauce.

"So the guy brings up about three boats of chocolate sauce," Francona said, explaining that he woke up with remnants of chocolate smeared on his chest.

Nervous? Of course.