Data, scouting fuel Red Sox win

DETROIT -- Think of the postseason as a final exam, and the pitchers in the American League Championship Series as summa cum laude-caliber students: former Cy Young winner Justin Verlander, presumptive Cy Young winner Max Scherzer, Cy Young candidate Clay Buchholz, etc.

Now, on top of that, imagine the students had access to the best tutors in the world as they prepared for the final exam. Then, on top of that, imagine the exam was an open-book test.

This is what we have in the Boston-Detroit series. Some of the best pitchers in the world are using the extraordinary advance scouting provided to them, and are applying it to each hitter pitch by pitch. And when they see a hitter struggling with some problem, they exploit it expertly. The period from the late '80s to the earlier part of the last decade should be known as the steroid era, and what is occurring now should be called baseball's information era.