Dodgers divorce from Mattingly is coming

BOSTON -- The divorce with Don Mattingly is coming, whether it happens in the next couple of days or after a couple of losses next April. The leadership that bought the club from Frank McCourt didn’t hire Mattingly and isn’t committing to him, given their own doubts about his in-game strategy. Mattingly is tired of being held at arm’s length, not fired but not really wanted, either.

Mattingly’s news conference Monday was more than a little awkward, and the reaction around the industry did not swing in his favor in a lot of corners, with some likening his move to a player threatening to walk out of a signed and executed contract. "If he doesn’t like the situation, he should just quit," said one rival official. "To publicly demand a new contract in that setting, that’s not right."

Mattingly is either going to be the Dodgers’ guy for a long time or else Monday was his last day as manager, writes Ramona Shelburne. The Dodgers need to make a decision on Mattingly right away, writes Dylan Hernandez.

It was uncomfortable and dramatic, writes Jill Painter.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers fired head athletic trainer Sue Falsone, and there are people in the organization who are really upset about it.