A predictable bidding war

Bronson Arroyo isn't among the game's better starters, but some covet his predictability. AP Photo/Jaime Henry-White

Bronson Arroyo has been like baseball’s version of an old, dependable pickup truck. The odometer is well over 100,000 miles at this point, but year after year, he always starts, in all kinds of weather...

2004: 27 starts, 178.2 innings

2005: 32 starts, 205.1 innings

2006: 35 starts, 240.2 innings

2007: 34 starts, 210.2 innings

2008: 34 starts, 200 innings

2009: 33 starts, 220.1 innings

2010: 33 starts 215.2 innings

2011: 32 starts 199 innings

2012: 32 starts 202 innings

2013: 32 starts 202 innings

That's one whole decade of taking the ball on the day you’re supposed to pitch, start after start. An evaluator who works for a team currently bidding on Arroyo says that there will be days that the right-hander might give up a crooked number in the first inning, but when you look up in the fifth or sixth inning, Arroyo usually has been through the lineup twice -- and at the very least, he’s competed, kept your team within range and saved your relievers for the day.

“He’s not a bullpen-killer,” said the evaluator. “Some pitchers just kill your bullpen, but Bronson will get you into the middle of the game. He’s predictable.”

Among remaining starters on the free-agent market