Reasons for optimism on every MLB team

Yankees starter CC Sabathia hopes to bounce back in 2014 after a frustrating season. Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports

TAMPA BAY -- CC Sabathia laughed about the reaction to his weight loss -- 40 pounds over the last two offseasons, he said Friday -- and mentioned that he felt like the winner of the show “The Biggest Loser.” He said he feels better, with his body adapted to his new weight, and he feels he’ll have the power back on his fastball.

In other words: It’s spring training, when everybody is entitled to optimism. Heck, optimism is required at this time of year, because if you’re not feeling good after having a winter of work and thought and anticipation of something new and better, well, there’s a root problem in place.

Reasons for optimism for each of the 30 teams:

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Their rotation has improved, and Albert Pujols -- a grinder who has had a habit of playing through injuries in his career -- had a chance to heal last season. Bernie Miklasz thinks Pujols will have a big bounce-back year.

San Francisco Giants: Pablo Sandoval is in tremendous shape, relatively speaking, and the Giants’ pitching staff had a full offseason of recovery.