Selig should overturn botched call

There really is no gray area with the disputed home run call in the Oakland Athletics-Cleveland Indians game: Upon further review, the umpires still missed an indisputable call on Adam Rosales’s long drive to left-center field.

There could be explanations. Maybe the television that the umpires have in Cleveland to review home runs is an old black-and-white from 1957 and has a problem with its horizontal hold. Maybe the remote control ran out of batteries.

Maybe there is some Magic Baseball thing going on, like the Magic Bullet Theory: The ball stops in mid-air, changes direction, goes down, changes direction again … back and to the right … back and to the right … back and to the right…

The evidence is clear, and action is needed. Immediately. As in, the next few hours. The Athletics are in Cleveland and will play the Indians in a noon game today, and what needs to happen is for the commissioner to use his powers and overturn the call of Angel Hernandez’s crew, and replay it from the point of the disputed home run. The score would be 4-4, it would be the ninth inning. Then, after the resolution of that game, the two teams can play the regularly scheduled game.