Kershaw is still NL's top arm

I heard a great description of Matt Harvey’s curveball the other day from a longtime evaluator, and it really would apply to Clayton Kershaw’s curveball as well: Even when a hitter is looking for it, even when he plans to swing at it, even when he knows it’s coming, it really doesn’t matter -- he still can’t hit it.

Over and over again, this is what happened to the Nationals’ hitters Tuesday night, because over and over again, Kershaw pitched with the same pattern and there was nothing Washington was able to do to stop him. He’d get ahead in the count and then finish them off with a curveball; check out Tyler Moore 25 seconds into this video, and it goes from there.

Kershaw threw a career-high 132 pitches in shutting out the Nationals over 8 2/3 innings in a 2-0 Dodgers win.