Three contenders most in need of help

With little more than a day before the trade deadline, these are the contenders most desperately in need of help:

1. Texas Rangers

Really, it's not even a debate; they need help. Yes, they added Matt Garza last week, but their offense has been absolutely dormant, ranking 21st in the majors in runs scored for the month of July – and in the days ahead, they may well lose their top power hitter, Nelson Cruz, to a performance-enhancing drug suspension.

(There is some thought that Cruz should act on behalf of his teammates and the organization and appeal the suspension, because an appeal would likely drag on into the winter. On the other hand, it's clearly in his self-interest to get the suspension behind him before he reaches free agency in the winter -- and isn't that how we got here in the first place in the PED conversation, with a handful of players acting in their own self-interest? If Cruz cheated to gain an advantage by taking PEDs, it would naturally follow that he'd do everything he could to help his own journey into free agency in the fall.)