Dates to circle for 2014

The tentative schedule for 2014 was released Tuesday, and you can already look forward to some interesting dates for next year, beyond those first two games played in Australia between the Diamondbacks and Dodgers on March 22-23.

1. April 4: The Dodgers unveil their latest acquisition at home

OK, so we don’t know who exactly it will be. Maybe it’ll be a manager, if Don Mattingly isn’t retained. Maybe it’ll be a new infielder. But the Dodgers are like the Lakers now, in that they are always looking for new and better, and That Guy will play his first home game for the Dodgers on this date, against the Giants.

2. March 31: The Return of Matt Harvey?

That’s when the Mets are scheduled to play their season opener, and Harvey continues to say he’s optimistic he can avoid surgery. Another interesting thing? His opponent that day could be Stephen Strasburg, if he gets the Opening Day nod for the Nationals.