Lineup adjustment options for Farrell

Will John Farrell make any significant lineup adjustments for Game 4? Jamie Squire/Getty Images

ST. LOUIS -- John Farrell’s sleep was probably interrupted repeatedly this morning with the kind of dreams that happen after life-changing moments, with his brain still working at Mach 5 even after his eyes closed. He may have seen images of Jim Joyce and Allen Craig and Brandon Workman and Mike Napoli flashing like a strobe light in his mind.

His words in the interview room after Game 3 had closely echoed those of Mike Matheny after the call reversal in Game 1, in saying that it’s hard to lose a game in that manner. Farrell also quickly admitted that he made a mistake by not double-switching when he brought Workman into the game, which left the Red Sox in the position of watching the reliever bat with one out in the ninth inning against Trevor Rosenthal.

But Farrell’s personality is tethered to rationality, which means that it probably wasn’t long after the game that he started to put Game 3 behind him, as spilled milk, and started thinking about Game 4 and changes he might make.

Some of the options he has:

1. Start David Ross at catcher, in place of Jarrod Saltalamacchia.