HOF logjam suggests new rules needed

Tim Raines is the kind of player who will be hurt most by the 10-man ballot limit. Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

Very soon, the Hall of Fame ballot will arrive, with these players who I believe are Hall of Fame worthy:

Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Tom Glavine, Jeff Kent, Greg Maddux, Mark McGwire, Jack Morris, Mike Mussina, Rafael Palmeiro, Mike Piazza, Tim Raines, Curt Schilling, Sammy Sosa, Frank Thomas.

I think you also could make a heck of a case for Edgar Martinez, Lee Smith and Alan Trammell.

That's 16 players I'd definitely vote for, and three others I'd like to continue consider within the shifting landscape of who is already in the Hall of Fame.

But in the end, my ballot will almost certainly look something like this at the time I mail it in in December.