Yanks might just move on without Cano

The negotiation between Robinson Cano and the Yankees is starting to play out like a sitcom cliché, with the boyfriend trying to make the girlfriend jealous by pretending something serious is happening with somebody else.

Just a week after GM Sandy Alderson declared that the Mets are out of the business of $100 million deals, the Mets held a secret meeting about Cano. This means one of three things is happening:

1. The Wilpons are prepared to devote about 35 percent of the Mets' payroll to one player, against the advice of their baseball operations department.

2. The Mets are taking the meeting out of respect for Jay-Z and Cano, which is something that commonly happens because meetings cost nothing (other than the food check).

3. Jay-Z intends to play Citi Field in 81 dates next summer.

Cano’s side is trying to get leverage because, as reported about six weeks ago, the difference between what Cano wants -- over $300 million -- and what the Yankees have offered is well over $100 million, and that continues to be the case. The two sides are in a standoff, with Cano and his representatives working to find suitors other than the Yankees to create some leverage in the relationship.