Remove managers from replay process

After the Giants lost Tuesday night by a run scored on a call that everybody now knows was wrong, San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy said all the right things, as Andrew Baggarly writes. From his story:

Even with expanded replay, A.J. Pollock was allowed to be safe twice in an inning when he appeared -- once conclusively appeared -- to be tagged out. Major League Baseball officials expected the replay system would require some tweaks. If the impetus behind this confusing tangle of rules is to get calls right, an overhaul might be more in order.

Not that Bochy, after getting buffaloed in a 5-4 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks, is calling for that.

"I'm fine with how they are," said Bochy, all but handed a lit match when asked about the replay procedures. "We'll see how it goes. We're in our second game now. Ask me deeper in the season. I may say something, may have an opinion."

I haven't talked to Bochy since the call was made, so I don't know what he's really thinking. But after having talked with a lot of other managers and club executives, this much is evident:

1. Just about everybody is excited about the new and improved form of instant replay.

2. A whole lot of them believe the system would be better without the managers' challenge built into it.

It is through the managers' challenge that the pivotal run was allowed to score on an understandably botched call Tuesday night.