MLB must fix the transfer rule now

Ryan Flaherty's failed double-play turn cost the Orioles a crucial out. Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports

BOSTON -- We can all agree that it would've been better to test the implementation of the replay system over the course of a summer, so that all of the technological and interpretative kinks could've been worked out in all 30 ballparks through the sort of extensive trial and error that is now taking place at the outset of the 2014 season.

But at this point, that's like someone in a lifeboat saying out loud to fellow survivors, "We should've packed more flares and food, and water." That's the guy you want to punch in the mouth.

It really doesn't matter anymore how Major League Baseball got here. What matters is how it reacts, how it adapts, how it deals with what seems like a daily squall of controversy stemming from some of the implemented changes.

And their No. 1 crisis at the moment -- the spot where they're taking on the most water, as we saw at Fenway Park on "Sunday Night Baseball" -- is the interpretation of that precise instant when a player is ruled to have caught the ball: the transfer rule. MLB needs to patch this over as soon as possible, and officials are working to do that, perhaps by the end of the month.