Parent knew ejection was coming

CHICAGO – Mark Parent’s ejection during the lineup exchange before Sunday’s game came as a surprise to everybody except Mark Parent.

“No, I pretty much knew it'd probably happen,” Parent said Monday.

The Chicago White Sox bench coach was delivering the team’s lineup to home plate before the game with the Texas Rangers when he got into a heated conversation with the umpire crew. Crew Chief Jerry Layne sent him to the clubhouse before the first pitch was even thrown.

The White Sox had incidents with umpires in the two previous games of the series.

On Friday night, a ball was lost under some padding in left field, but umpire Greg Gibson ruled that the ball was in play and Ian Kinsler was able to circle the bases for an inside-the-park home run. Chris Sale also admitted to saying things he regretted to Layne, who was the home-plate umpire that night.

In Saturday’s game, Alexei Ramirez was called out at home plate as umpire Hunter Wendelstedt ruled that Rangers catcher A.J. Pierzynski blocked his foot.

“Yeah there were some things that happened Saturday night that I didn't like and that was about it,” Parent said, electing to not get into the details.

Parent, who has been ejected twice this season and three times in his coaching career, was asked if it helped to vent his frustrations.

“It always does but it still costs you money when you do that,” Parent said. “I didn't feel bad about it when it was over. I felt bad I wasn't out here to help (manager) Robin (Ventura) and the club. But I thought it was something I needed to say.”

Ventura continued to be brief on the subject.

“It’s just something that happened,” Ventura said. “I’ve seen it before. I think Ozzie (Guillen) did it once, maybe twice. He’s not the only owner of that.”

But as more questions came, Ventura put a stop to the conversation.

“I’m not getting into any of that today,” he said. “We’re past it. He got it off his chest and you move on.”