Bryzzo Watch: Kris Bryant or Anthony Rizzo for NL MVP?

Bryant, Rizzo making their cases for MVP (1:22)

Cubs teammates Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo are both having tremendous seasons. Take a look at some of their best moments this year. (1:22)

While the Cubs cruise toward the National League Central crown, Chicago's Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant have emerged as the top two candidates for NL MVP.

Just how close is the race between the two Cubs stars?

"I'd give them co-MVP if it was me," teammate Mike Montgomery says. "Or create another award that was just as good as MVP. It's too hard to pick between them. They both complement each other so well."

Since co-MVPs is unlikely and we doubt that MLB would create another award to honor both players, we break down the case for each star and give you the chance to vote below.

The MVP case for each star

Bryant: He's the NL leader in WAR, home runs and runs scored and ranks second in OPS. On top of all that he has played more than adequately at six positions. At this moment it makes his case for MVP a simple one. -- Jesse Rogers

Rizzo: Although Bryant has caught him in RBIs and surpassed him in OPS, Rizzo still has a higher on-base percentage and has been his protection in the lineup, hitting behind him while Bryant has gone on a tear. And Rizzo's 1.35 strikeout-to-walk ratio dwarfs Bryant's 2.08. And if you believe in clutch stats, Rizzo is hitting .319 with a .524 OBP in situations deemed late or close. Bryant is only .229/.327 in those situations. -- Rogers

Endorsing the candidates

Jason Hammel on Anthony Rizzo: "Rizzo has been doing it for a while. He's been our leader. You can't overlook him."

Ben Zobrist on Kris Bryant: "It's pretty incredible. You start expecting the home runs. You're not even surprised anymore when he gets 5 hits or hits 3 home runs. It's become an everyday thing."