#HeyTony: Will the Browns move up in the draft or stay at No. 49?

Editor's note: Tony Grossi covers the Cleveland Browns for ESPN 850 WKNR.

Hey Tony: Right this moment which is more likely, jump back into the first round, jump up higher in the second, or stay put at 49?

-- Sean, Louisville KY

Hey Sean: In order of most likely: 1. Stay at 49: 75 percent. 2. Move up slightly in Round 2: 20 percent. 3. Move into Round 1: 5 percent.

Hey Tony: Which developmental QB do you get a sense the Browns might like late in the draft if they decide to take one for a backup role? Possibly Gardner Minshew or Trace McSorley?

-- Pat, Columbus, OH

Hey Pat: So, Minshew thrived in Mike Leach’s Air Raid pass offense last year at Washington State, completing 70.7 percent of his passes, had a good Senior Bowl week, and has been compared to Baker Mayfield in “size and energy.” That should clinch it.

Hey Tony: With the Ogbah experiment now over, do you think John Dorsey would still have taken Denzel Ward over Bradley Chubb at the 4th pick last year?

-- Kyle, Kansas City, MO

Hey Kyle: Definitely, yes. I don’t think the Browns considered Chubb an elite pass rusher, but they did consider Ward an elite cornerback.

Hey Tony: Why in the name of Keith Wright and Dino Hall can't the Browns find a threat at punt returner? Antonio Callaway looked decent in the last game of the year. There has got to be someone in this year's draft if they look in the right spots. Any ideas?

-- Don, Medina, OH

Hey Don: With Callaway ensconced in the No. 3 receiver role – instead of a starter as he was at the beginning of his rookie year -- it should free him up for regular return duties. He looks to be a natural, so why not? The JUCO phenom signed recently, Damon Sheehy-Guiseppe, is also a contender.

Hey Tony: I have been watching 2018 replays. Kicking was atrocious. Greg Joseph had some critical misses that did cost, or could have cost us wins (Carolina, Cincy XP, Baltimore FG at half). Will the team address this late season/playoff killer? If not, it will cost us.

-- Mark, Gahanna, OH

Hey Mark: The Browns weren’t enamored with any of the veteran kickers, so they either will draft one or sign an undrafted kicker. I agree this position needs to instill more confidence, but you would expect Joseph to improve naturally.

Hey Tony: Are three team trades possible in the NFL? Can’t recall any. Might be a way to get a player from another AFC team otherwise off-limits in trade.

-- Sammi, South Beach, FL

Hey Sammi: If anyone can pull off a three-team trade in the NFL, it’s Dorsey.

Hey Tony: Who is one player you expect to make a big leap forward this season and one you expect to regress this season.

-- Harry, Colorado Springs, CO

Hey Harry: I’d expect Austin Corbett to make a big leap from rookie bench-warmer to starting right guard in his second season. As for the second part of your question, I won’t hazard a guess.

Hey Tony: In all the years covering the Browns draft what “holy cow, I never saw that coming” picks stand out the most? Johnny is an easy one. Who else and what was your reaction at the time?

--Brian, Fort Loramie, OH

Hey Brian: Prior to the Browns making their first selection in the 2003 draft, media members were clueless about whom they would take and were playfully speculating on Butch Davis’ selection. Somebody said, “Watch him take a center.” Upon which I blurted out, “If the Browns take a center, I will stand up and walk out of here.” Sure enough, Davis chose Notre Dame center Jeff Faine. In Davis’ previous two drafts, he had selected mostly players he had recruited to Miami or coached against. Little did we know at the time that Davis had, in fact, recruited Faine, who had played at a Sanford, FL, high school. By the way, I did not stand up and walk out.

Hey Tony: Would you think Dorsey takes next year's first and third and a third this year and a fifth and get a Top 2 LB like Devin Bush seeing as how we really don't just need much. Sacrifice and pay it forward.

-- Doc, Houston, TX

Hey Doc: No, that would be reckless. Everybody wants Dorsey to do something just to do something. There’s no need for histrionics.

Hey Tony: Since the draft is usually our Super Bowl and we don't need a QB and don't even have a 1st round pick, how should Browns fans prepare for this Thursday?

-- Jim, Norton, OH

Hey Jim: Enjoy the first round by watching every other team make their mistakes. Everything about this season will be different from the norm, starting with the draft.