How Auburn flipped a Nebraska commit

ESPN 300 wide receiver Dominic Walker (Orlando, Fla./Maynard Evans) has flipped his commitment from the Nebraska Cornhuskers to the Auburn Tigers. Nothing too unusual there -- young men change their minds. The reason Walker flipped, however, is one we haven't heard very often.

According to ESPN.com recruiting expert Corey Long, Auburn's coaches used Nebraska's weather against the Cornhuskers. “They were asking me why I would leave the southeast, where the weather is nice, to go somewhere where it’s so cold,” Walker said. “And then they told me how far it would be for my family to drive to the games, and I shouldn’t subject them to driving so far on those icy roads when I could play in the SEC and be much closer to home."

The Cornhuskers' roster is full of students from warmer states -- Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Arizona, and 15 from Texas -- and those players obviously have figured out how to deal with Nebraska's weather. For Walker, though, that won't be a problem.


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