Radio Ga Ga - Belgian GP - "His only interest is pushing me off the circuit"

Charles Coates/Getty Images

Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen trade blows on the race track and over the radiowaves in the Spa-Francorchamps edition of Radio Ga Ga.

"The f---ing idiot, what is he doing?"
Pascal Wehrlein gets a sweary weekend off to a start in final practice as he finds a slow-moving Esteban Gutierrez in the middle of the track as he crests Eau Rouge.

"What an idiot. Did you see that? It's called Free Practice. Free Practice. Who gives a s---?"
Sebastian Vettel lets loose over the radio after Kevin Magnussen decided to keep his foot in through the high-speed Blanchimont in final practice.

Turn one troubles

"I don't know. I have something damaged."
Kimi Raikkonen reports a puncture and front wing damage after being squeezed at the first corner by Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen.

"Okay, check the grip. I don't think the car is OK, what happened there? I have damage, I have damage."
Sebastian Vettel also finds his Ferrari acting up after the Turn 1 collision, but struggles to understand why Kimi Raikkonen didn't turn in harder.

"They just turned into me..."
Max Verstappen says it as he saw at Turn 1.

More bad language...

"Puncture! Puncture, puncture, puncture, f---ing puncture."
So that'll be a puncture for Carlos Sainz, then.

"Do I have to let the Red Bull past because clearly his only interest is pushing me off the circuit completely. If I wouldn't have gone straight he is hitting me in the side."
Things start to get feisty between Raikkonen and Verstappen, as the Ferrari driver is forced off the track at Les Combes.

"Hey! Come on, this is f---ing ridiculous! This is worse now, he is just f---ing turning when I am going full speed on the right."
"Copy, copy. Ridiculous."
Verstappen arguably goes a step too far as he blocks Raikkonen for a second time at Les Combes. Needless to say, Kimi is not impressed

"The incident is at the top of Eau Rouge on the right hand side."
"Is the driver OK?"
"Yep, so it's Magnussen, driver OK."
Lewis Hamilton only has one thing in mind after passing the huge accident of Kevin Magnussen at Eau Rouge.

"OK, Jol, Both your front and rear are now too hot, I suggest ..."
"What should I do about it?! Ugh!"
"... lift and coast, lift and coast."
Jolyon Palmer sounds sick of tyre management. He wasn't the only one.

"Check if I have a f---ing puncture again on the front."
"Pressures OK, Kimi. Pressures OK."
Radio Raikkonen again as he suspects his race has taken another turn for the worse after clashing wheels with Romain Grosjean.

"I'm not sure if that's the right idea..."
"We think it is, it's a good tyre, it's looking good."
Hamilton questions his team's decision to send him out on medium tyres in the final stint, but the Mercedes pit wall -- as usual -- knows best.

Tony Ross: "Haroo! Excellent job, really great drive. That was a super stint on the mediums, top job on the first set of mediums, you just pulled away from everybody."
Paddy Lowe: "Fantastic drive Nico well done."
Nico Rosberg: "Thank you Paddy, awesome result, awesome.
Rosberg takes the plaudits after a near-perfect Sunday afternoon.