Michael Vick says no talks with Falcons on 1-day retirement deal

ATLANTA -- Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick clarified recent statements regarding retirement, saying he has not spoken with anyone from the organization about signing a one-day contract to retire a Falcon.

Vick, hosting his V7 Elite Playmakers Showcase Series football event Sunday, said he's hopeful such will happen.

"Well, I haven't talked to anybody about it specifically," Vick told ESPN. "It's something that I've really been thinking about trying to get done. I was asked the question the other day is that what I want, and I said, 'Yeah.'

"So, yeah, I think in due time, it's something that can potentially happen."

Vick has maintained a close relationship with Falcons owner Arthur Blank, who invited him back for the final regular-season game at the Georgia Dome.

"When I spoke to Arthur, we talked about various other things," Vick said. "Like I said, (retiring a Falcon) is something that can happen down the road, and I think we both know that. What's already understood really don't have to be explained. You let time work everything out in between."

Vick spent his first six NFL seasons with the Falcons before he was found guilty of running a dogfighting operation in 2007, which led to a 23-month prison sentence. He then spent five seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, one with the New York Jets, and five games with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015.

Vick, a four-time Pro Bowler, explained the importance of retiring a Falcon.

"I think that's where my identity lies as a player," he said. "I retired and I didn't reach out to anybody else in terms of where I wanted to retire or how I wanted to retire. I just wanted to do it quietly and just let things work out naturally. At the end of the day, it's just been a blessing to play here in the city of Atlanta. It's a place where I was really identified, where I think I made my legacy in such a short period of time. We set great moments, man. And I think it's something that I'll never forget, and the city as well."

Vick was asked how progress can be made toward securing the one-day contract he desires.

"I don't know," he said. "It's just a waiting game now. You know, I'm patient. I'm patient, man. We'll see what happens."

Vick hasn't even thought about having his No.7 jersey retired or going into the team's Ring of Honor.

"I don't know how that goes," Vick said. "I guess it's just being identified with the Falcons. ... It's just something that I think is personal for me, and I just hope that they would help in that situation down the road. It's no rush. It's no pressure. But at the same time, all those other things, they just fall into place. You just have to let nature take its course."