It's game day at Sun Life Stadium

MIAMI -- Greetings from Sun Life Stadium, where we're roughly two hours from kickoff of the last game of the college football season, and the most important one.

Great scene outside all day, as both Notre Dame and Alabama fans braved the heat and were up and running early. I figured the lots wouldn't be too crowded when I arrived shortly after 1 p.m., but I was sadly mistaken.

Notre Dame players have made their way to the field out of uniform for some tossing around and sightseeing. Coach Brian Kelly did as well, even bro-hugging Jon Bon Jovi on the sideline. Vince Vaughn is here and decked out in Irish gear, too.

Alabama coach Nick Saban made a brief tour of the field and exit for reasons I'm not quite sure of, other than to perhaps take in the biggest ovation he has ever enjoyed inside this stadium.

"Roll Tide" and "Let's Go Irish" went back and forth among the slowly increasing number of fans here early, but both piped-in music and the Alabama band have begun playing. I'm actually seated behind Notre Dame's band, which has been pretty rowdy so far.

We'll be back throughout the night with updates, so don't go anywhere. We'll also be tweeting and chatting on CoveritLive throughout the night, so look forward to enjoying this little tilt with y'all.