Class of 2012: Morris prepares for Alabama

National signing day didn’t quite have all the suspense and intrigue for University of Alabama quarterback signee Alec Morris. The Texas native committed to the Crimson Tide in August and never wavered with that decision.

Still, Morris had a moment he won’t soon forget on signing day with a ceremony at his high school where he and his fellow teammates signed their letters of intent and put on the hat of the school they would be attending.

“It was really cool because several of my friends were also signing for football, so it was a great experience to have with them and kind of go off and have a taste of what the future is holding,” Morris said.

Since that day, the 6-foot-3, 240-pound quarterback has turned his focus to working out, both on the field and in the weight room, trying to improve and ready himself for when he gets to Tuscaloosa this summer.

“I’m just working on all kinds of drops, going through the route tree, and then working off the strength and conditioning program that they sent me during the week with my strength coach,” Morris said.

“I talked to Coach (Doug) Nussmeier on Sunday, and he said he’s got the playbook ready for me. He’s about to send me that here in a little bit, so I’m going to start working on that.”

Morris had grown close with former UA offensive coordinator Jim McElwain, so when McElwain left to become the head coach at Colorado State, it caught Morris off guard. He wanted to know who his future position coach would be at Alabama.

The Tide hired Nussmeier just weeks after the national championship game, and on his first weekend in Tuscaloosa, Morris happened to be in town on his official visit.

“It worked out pretty well because on one of my visits, it was his first week up there, so we were both kind of the new people in town,” Morris said. “It was nice to get to know him on that weekend. Now, we just kind of check in with each other, see how things are going there, how things are going down here, just talk and have a conversation.”

While Morris should be a quick study with the new playbook, it took some time before he became acclimated to Alabama’s strength and conditioning program. He’s now working out five days a week with strength coach.

“At the beginning, it was kind of a shock to my system,” Morris said. “It was kicking my butt pretty good, but I’m getting used to it.”

Morris has just two months left before he graduates high school and moves away to Alabama, and the high school senior is counting the days.

“I’m definitely ready to get down there.”

Entrance Exam:

Q: What’s your major going to be?

A: I got my acceptance letter the other day into the school of general business, so something to do with business.

Q: What number will you wear at Alabama?

A: I asked for No. 11, and they said there’s one other kid who asked for that, so hopefully No. 11, but I’m not 100 percent sure.

Q: Who are you going to live with down there?

A: I’m rooming with Parker Barrineau, the receiver from Tuscaloosa, and then Dillon Lee and Kurt Freitag from Buford.

Q: What’s your main goal for your time at Alabama?

A: Obviously, I want to win games, and I want to play well in those games.