Alabama Helmet stickers: Week 3

The Alabama-Texas A&M game lived up to its staggeringly high billing, and so did many of the stars on both sides of the football field.

During the course of the action, a few players stood out as worthy of a coveted helmet sticker.

QB AJ McCarron: Can we put the "game manager" debate to rest once and for all? Game managers don't throw for 334 yards and four touchdowns, which is exactly what McCarron did against Texas A&M on Saturday. Just when it looked like the Crimson Tide was ready to fall irretrievably behind the Aggies, McCarron calmed the troops and brought Alabama back from the dead. He was confident, poised and decisive on Kyle Field. In other words, he was the leader of a championship-caliber football team.

S Vinnie Sunseri: Remember how many people asked loudly and profusely how on Earth Vinnie Sunseri could start at safety over Landon Collins and Nick Perry? Oh, good times. Sunseri might not be the athlete of his fellow defensive backs, but he sure makes plays. The junior safety once again showed a nose for the football, retrieving a tipped pass for an interception and taking it all the way down the football field for a score. He could go down as the only player to make Johnny Manziel miss, too, hitting Texas A&M's quarterback with a juke move that sent him flying out of his way.

The entire offensive line: They heard how underwhelming they were for two full weeks. It got to the point where AJ McCarron was fed up and told reporters that the criticism of his offensive line ticked him off. Well, after Saturday, all those complaints will be put to rest. Alabama's offensive line did a complete 180 degree turn, imposing its will on Texas A&M's front seven. They protected McCarron and got the running game going in a big way. Alabama wound up rushing for 234 yards and throwing for 334 more. And more importantly, there were just one tackles for loss and no sacks on the day.