#AskLoogs: Robinson's impact

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Aside from the quarterback position, I would argue that playing left tackle as a true freshman is the most difficult adjustment any player can make entering into college, if thrust into duty right out of the gate. That being said, Cameron Robinson might be the most equipped player we have seen over the last eight seasons to do it if the opportunity presents itself, which it just might.

As it relates to Grant Hill, Hill can play anywhere along the line and he is a more physically talented version of Barrett Jones. I believe in the long term, Hill will be the anchor to this group from a leadership and versatility standpoint, but he does not possess Robinson’s rare physical talents, particularly as a tackle. Remember, as it relates to playing early, physical ability is rarely the area that prevents this from happening. As with all true freshmen, including Robinson, it will come down to how much he can handle mentally and competitively, and his aptitude to process will be tested. These are the areas that will dictate just how fast Robinson comes along.