#AskLoogs: Tony Brown wows at UA week

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Quite honestly, unreal. He was having a great week. To see a kid work that hard, have that much pride and competiveness and not be able to play was a real shame. There were a few names that everyone was talking about, from Jabrill Peppers to Myles Garrett, etc., and Brown was one of them. To me, the best thing about Brown is that he is always trying to improve and prove his worth, even when he doesn’t need to. He is always seeking out the best guy to match up against because he wants to be tested. He has no red flags. He always has a smile on his face, and as far as cornerbacks go, there are very few prospects we have seen the last six or eight classes who physically compare to him. In fact, physically, Peppers and he are very similar. I can’t yet reveal where he will end up in the final set of rankings, but I can venture a bet he will be in the top 10 overall when all is said and done. I would expect him to play early not just because he is talented enough, but because he is mature enough.