Monday chat wrap

We had another good Monday chat. Here's the wrap if you missed it. Here's a quick preview of what went on today:

Allen (Columbia, MO)

How do you see the SEC East race shaping up next season? Mizzou loses some key playmakers but has guys ready to step up like Maty Mauk or Markus Golden. UF loses a lot of playmakers but gains a new OC, USC loses top playmakers on both sides of the ball except Mike Davis, and UGA's defense could be elite but they just lost Todd Grantham. UT could make a leap in year 2 of Butch Davis. It seems pretty wide open, though I'd be shocked to see UK or Vandy contend.

Edward Aschoff (12:10 PM)

Well, Vandy certainly takes a hit with the loss of James Franklin. And it doesn't look like that class is going to fully stay together now that Franklin is poaching at Penn State. I think Mizzou and Georgia will likely be the favorites. Both return more overall than Florida and South Carolina. Tennessee is still very much a question. I need to see development from those guys. But I think the Vols will certainly be better. Having Mauk back and DGB will really help Mizzou keep some momentum going. That defense does lose a lot though. So many questions means another fun race in the East.

Will (Baton Rouge)

What's your take on Jeremy Hill leaving? Do you think he knows that Les Miles will never give one RB a heavy workload regularly and with Fournette coming in, his carries could have decreased a little, even if he was having another great year?

Edward Aschoff (12:12 PM)

I think he's making the right decision because we know how much of a beating the SEC can put on someone. Look at Trent Richardson. He's a shell of his former SEC self, but Eddie Lacy has looked fresh with the Packers after getting less use at Alabama. I think Fournette would have eaten up some of his carries, but I also think it would have benefited this offense and Fournette to have both.

Jeff d (nashville)

With Georgia looking for a new d-cord, does Georgia get a big name defensive coordinator this time, or does UGA once again go for the cheap hire?

Edward Aschoff (12:15 PM)

I think you go for someone who is going to help develop that defense immediately. Do you move back to a 4-3? Do you stay with the 3-4? These guys were recruited to run the 3-4 so I think you have to stay with that. Promoting DL coach Chris Wilson would bring continuity to the position, but I wouldn't be shocked to see Richt bring a big name in. This defense still has a long way to go after last season.

Scratches (the Gump, AL)

Only a few Tide fans think Kiffin was a great hire for Alabama, while most of the nation thinks it's a bad hire. I sure hope the Sugar Bowl wasn't a reflection of his expertise. Do you think he will do any good in Tuscaloosa?

Edward Aschoff (12:17 PM)

I think he's a great offensive mind but my question is how long will he actually be there? He isn't taking this job to be there for a few years, right? Lane Kiffin? I think he wants to be a head coach again and this is a great way to get your name out there again, without your mouth getting in the way. But does Saban care that he might have to look for his third offensive coordinator in three years? I think you'll see more tempo and more big plays from the passing game with Kiffin involved.