Breaking down the SEC combine invitees

Alabama leads the way nationally this year with 12 invitees to the 2014 NFL combine, which begins next week in Indianapolis.

But over the last four years, LSU has sent more players than anybody in the country to the combine. The Tigers have had 40 players invited since 2011, including 24 over the last two years.

What's it all mean?

LSU has done as good a job as anybody when it comes to recruiting talented players and developing that talent. As a rule, the players invited to the NFL combine are viewed by pro personnel officials and scouts as legitimate draft prospects, which is always a pretty good indicator of talent.

It's been a consistent run of talent for LSU, too. The Tigers are the only team in the SEC that has sent eight or more players to the combine each of the last four years.

Alabama isn't far behind LSU when it comes to combine invitees over the last four years. The Crimson Tide have had 36, including 31 over the last three years.

Georgia and LSU were the only two teams in the SEC with eight or more players invited to the combine over the last three years, but the Bulldogs only had two players invited this year.

Here's a look at the official NFL combine list.

And below is a breakdown of NFL combine invitees over the last four years for all 14 SEC schools:

  • LSU: 40

  • Alabama: 36

  • Georgia: 29

  • Florida: 27

  • South Carolina: 24

  • Arkansas: 18

  • Missouri: 17

  • Texas A&M: 17

  • Auburn: 16

  • Tennessee: 14

  • Mississippi State: 13

  • Vanderbilt: 8

  • Kentucky: 6

  • Ole Miss: 5