Bo Scarbrough meets with Saban

It’s been an adventurous two months for Bo Scarbrough in recruiting. The talented 2014 running back narrowed his list to four schools, set a decision date and soon after, pushed that date back in order to think on it further.

On Wednesday, the Tuscaloosa, Ala., resident made the short trip over to Alabama’s campus to meet with head coach Nick Saban and see where he stood with the Crimson Tide.

“It went pretty good,” Scarbrough said. “I got the point of understanding how nobody does stuff like them. He doesn’t care about other teams. All he thinks about is his team being successful. I like a person who wants their team to be successful.”

The biggest negative for Scarbrough choosing his hometown school is the depth issue Alabama has at running back. While other schools try to use that against the Tide, Saban assured Scarbrough that it shouldn’t be a concern for him.

“If other schools are talking to you about Alabama all the time, what do you have good to say about yourself?” Scarbrough asked. “What about your team? What’s so good about your team that you always keep talking about Alabama.

“I know Alabama is a hard team to play for, but that’s what it’s all about, competition. It’s the SEC. If you’re going to talk bad about Alabama, say something good about your team, not just that ‘you’re not going to play at Alabama your first year, and you can come here and play here.’ That means you have nothing if I can play my first year over there.”

There’s been a lot of speculation that the UA coaches may try and move Scarbrough, who is already 6-foot-2, 220 pounds, to another position depending on how much he keeps growing, but that is not the case according to Saban.

“He said he’s going to let me play what I want to play,” Scarbrough said. “If I want to play running back, I can play running back. He said he sees me as a running back because I’m big and strong and I’ve got that athletic ability to do what he wants me to do.”

Before his meeting with Saban, Scarbrough had a one-on-one workout with UA running backs coach Burton Burns. The two worked on various running techniques, including how to make one cut to get upfield.

“I’m loving Coach Burns right now,” Scarbrough said. “I think that’s a great coach. He thinks about stuff that nobody thinks about and the little things like he says that make people successful.”

The Northridge High School star still has the same top four: Alabama, Clemson, Florida and Georgia. He wants to try and visit Clemson and Florida this fall and says he will make a decision when it feels right.