Countdown to kickoff: 35

AJ McCarron (above) is second in Alabama history in QB winning percentage, second only to Jay Barker. Marvin Gentry/US Presswire

From now until kickoff in Arlington, Texas, we'll be counting down the days before Alabama and Michigan get the season started. Today, we move to No. 35 and what it means to UA football. See all the previous editions here.

At the quarterback position, you're judged on one statistic. It's not touchdowns, interceptions or yards thrown. It's not completion percentage or the calculated quarterback efficiency. At the end of the day, a quarterback is judged on wins and losses.

That's why Jay Barker must be included in the discussion of the best quarterbacks to ever play at the University of Alabama. The three-year starter in the early 90s won a school-record 35 games in his career. He lost two games over that time and finished with one tie. For those keeping score, that's a 93.4 winning percentage.

Like AJ McCarron, Barker led the Crimson Tide to a national championship in 1992 in his first year starting at quarterback. The Tide went 13-0 that year and beat the Miami Hurricanes in the Sugar Bowl to finish No. 1 overall. Two years later, in 1994, Barker would lead Alabama back to the SEC Championship game. He earned All-American honors that season, throwing for just under 2,000 yards while completing 61 percent of his passes.

Here's how Barker stacks up against the rest of the quarterbacks in Alabama history:

Career attempts

1. John Parker Wilson: 1,175

2. Brodie Croyle: 869

3. Andrew Zow: 852

4. Jay Barker: 706

5. Freddie Kitchens: 680

Career completions

1. John Parker Wilson: 665

2. Brodie Croyle: 488

3. Andrew Zow: 459

4. Greg McElroy: 436

5. Jay Barker: 402

Career completion percentage (min. 200 passes)

1. Greg McElroy: 66.3

2. AJ McCarron: 66.2

3. Tyler Watts: 57.5

4. Jay Barker: 56.9

5. Scott Hunter: 56.8

Passing yards

1. John Parker Wilson: 7,924

2. Brodie Croyle: 6,382

3. Andrew Zow: 5,983

4. Greg McElroy: 5,691

5. Jay Barker: 5,689

Touchdown passes

1. John Parker Wilson: 47

2. Brodie Croyle: 41

3. Greg McElroy: 39

4. Mike Shula: 35

5. Andrew Zow: 35

Winning percentage

1. Jay Barker: 93.4 (35-2-1)

2. AJ McCarron: 92.3 (12-1-0)

3. Millard "Dixie" Howell: 90.0 (22-2-1)

4. Greg McElroy: 88.9 (24-3-0)

5. Joe Namath: 87.5 (21-3-0)