Countdown to kickoff: 30

From now until kickoff in Arlington, Texas, we'll be counting down the days before Alabama and Michigan get the season started. Today, we move to No. 30 and what it means to UA football. See all the previous editions here.

Listen to coach Nick Saban speak and you'll rarely hear mention of the number of sacks the Crimson Tide defense accumulated. Alabama finished the 2011-12 season with 30 sacks, good enough for fourth in the SEC and 29th overall. Those stats won't blow you away, but the tape certainly will.

That's because the defense isn't built around sacking the quarterback as much as disrupting him. That's how incompletions, interceptions and fumbles happen. That's how turnovers happen, and there's no better friend to a defense than taking the ball away.

Alabama finished the season with 40 quarterback hurries and 96 tackles for loss.

Here's how the Crimson Tide did in a stat we'll call "In your face" plays that cumulate sacks, quarterback hurries and tackles for loss:


1. Georgia: 293

2. LSU: 182

3. Alabama: 166

4. Auburn: 158

T-5. Florida: 154

T-5. South Carolina: 154

7. Arkansas: 146

8. Vanderbilt: 135

9. Mississippi State: 134

10. Tennessee: 119

11. Kentucky: 106

12. Ole Miss: 95

Statistics gathered from respective schools' official websites.