Practice report: Aug. 14

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- The nice, cool weather the Crimson Tide enjoyed the last few days of practice evaporated on Tuesday. Alabama went out to the Thomas-Drew Practice Fields less than 24 hours after wrapping up a two-a-day practice the night before.

The conditions: a balmy 94-degree heat index without a cloud in sight.

There were quite a handful of nicked-up players practicing so we'll jump right in with some notes and observations from the media viewing period:

  • Adrian Hubbard can't steer clear of the injury bug. After learning he had surgery over the offseason, he suffered a sprained elbow during Saturday's scrimmage. It remained heavily wrapped at practice. And it looks like he's wearing a sleeve on his right knee. It doesn't appear to be bothering him too much, but little injuries can add up.