2014 QB E.J. Moss picks up new offers

ASHVILLE, Ala. -- E.J. Moss has heard the comparisons. He’s the next Tim Tebow. He’s the next Cam Newton. If you’re a quarterback and you’re 6-foot-3 and 220 pounds, it comes with the territory.

But Moss wants to be known for his arm, not just his legs. He even takes offense to people who label him as a "running quarterback."

“It does upset me,” he said. “I’m a quarterback. A quarterback throws the ball. I have an extra talent like Tim Tebow and Cam Newton that I can run the ball, too, but I’m not just a running quarterback. I can throw the ball also, and I’m looking forward to proving everybody that this year.”

This summer, Moss has been working specifically on his ability to pass, and the hard work has paid off. He’s been to camps at Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi State and Tennessee, and all four schools have offered him a scholarship.

The attention from recruiting has been new for the 2014 quarterback, but he’s still trying to keep his head on straight.

“It’s really nice,” Moss said. “It’s a dream come true for them to want me the way they do. For me, I’m keeping my team [first]. We’ve grown so much as a team this year that I can’t leave these guys. I have to give them my all right now.”

This season, Ashville High School has high hopes with Moss under center. They don’t care if he throws it in or runs it in, as long as he gets in the end zone.

Ashville head coach Mark O’Bryant also plans to use his star player on defense this season at linebacker. Nobody was happier about that decision than Moss.

“I love it,” he said. “I love contact. I love hitting. I’ve always wanted to either be a defensive end or a linebacker.”