Big 3: Saban on hurry-up, injuries, rookies

Alabama coach Nick Saban took to the SEC's weekly teleconference on Wednesday morning to discuss this week's game against Ole Miss. While he was on the line, he talked about a number of issues, including the Rebels' up-tempo attack, the future of injury reports and how a few freshmen linebackers have improved this season.

1. Hurry-up issues

Saban isn't sleeping on Ole Miss' up-tempo offense and knows it's difficult to replicate in practice.

"Their hurry-up offense is really something that gets defensive players out of their comfort zone and we're working hard to get a picture of that and work on that," Saban said. "They've done a very good job of creating a lot of explosive plays for their really good skill guys."

Saban continued later in the call: "They also have pretty good players doing some of this stuff. They have really good speed, offensively, quarterbacks that do a good job executing what they do, a couple of wideouts who can make explosive plays. So this is a difficult preparation from the no-huddle part, but also from their ability to execute with some pretty good players.

2. NFL-style injury reports

Saban started off saying he didn't have an opinion on the desire for uniform injury reports, but went ahead and said what he thought anyways.

"If you're going to give injury reports, everyone should do them the same way," he said. "We kind of tell it like it is if he's going to be out.

"Even in the NFL, I think people manipulate the system to put questions in people's minds about whether a guy's going to play or not. I don't think it's imperative for the future of college football that we have an injury report. I'm not opposed to one if everyone has to do it the same way and it can be enforced."

3. Freshmen linebackers coming along

A number of freshmen have played at linebacker for Alabama in the first four weeks. From what Saban's seen, they're improving.

"[Denzel Devall] is playing a position that he's starting to develop confidence in what he's supposed to do," Saban said. "He's done a really good job for us and been productive, and we think he's going to be a really good player. We have confidence in being able to play him.

"Reggie Ragland was making really good progress and he was on a couple of special teams and got a high ankle sprain in the Michigan game, so he's just sort of getting back into it. We have high hopes for him.

"Tyler Hayes has gotten some playing time on special teams. All those guys have developed nicely for us and we're happy that they're making a contribution."