Tide's McCarron turns media consultant

AJ McCarron has his hands full with being Alabama’s starting quarterback and gunning for what would be the Crimson Tide’s third consecutive national championship in 2013.

But in his spare time, he’s also serving as a media consultant for his girlfriend.

Maybe you’ve heard of her.

She’s Katherine Webb, the former Miss Alabama who posed in this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and was recently referred to by Vanity Fair as the “modern-day Cindy Crawford.”

McCarron offered a hearty chuckle when told Webb emerged from the Discover BCS National Championship more popular than him.

“Probably so,” he said. “She’s been asking me for advice the whole time. Even though she was Miss Alabama and all that, she had never been through any of the paparazzi deal, and it all came at her at once so fast.

“She’s still learning how to handle everything and will text me or call me for advice. I just have to tell her, ‘Listen, I've been going through this for three years almost.’ I do my best to help her every way I can.”

Webb was introduced to the world, so to speak, during the telecast of Alabama’s 42-14 beatdown of Notre Dame. The ESPN cameras found Webb in the crowd, and broadcaster Brent Musburger glowingly remarked about her beauty.

Some fans accused Musburger of going too far with his comments, and ESPN later issued an apology.

McCarron, though, said he already knew that Musburger was going to mention Webb during the broadcast and thinks the whole thing was way overblown.

“He didn’t say anything out of line, and he told me they were going to show her,” McCarron said. “I told him where they would be sitting earlier that week at practice.

“He helped boost her career, which is awesome.”

As for McCarron’s career as a celebrity, he’s done his best to keep a low profile ever since the Crimson Tide left South Florida back in January with their second straight national title.

He’s become good friends with Texas A&M’s Heisman Trophy quarterback, Johnny Manziel, but joked that he’s not quite the jet-setter that Johnny Football has become.

“He’s my boy, but I can’t keep his pace,” McCarron said. “We keep in touch and were down at the Super Bowl together. He was trying to get me to go hang out with him and go to all the events, but that’s just not me.”

Needless to say, McCarron doesn’t do a lot of malls and restaurants. He knows better.

“I’m such a homebody. I just never go out, really,” he said. “I have the friends I hang out with come over to my house, and we chill there and play Xbox and watch movies and hang out there. I guess that’s pretty boring, but that’s me.”