DE Greg Gilmore rates Florida visit an 11

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- ESPN 150 defensive tackle Greg Gilmore (Home Mills, N.C./South View) took an official visit to Florida this past weekend. The 6-foot-4, 285-pound four-star tackle said he enjoyed his trip to Gainesville.

"It was great man," Gilmore said. "I had a great time. It was a good game. The defensive front played well and that's really what I'm looking for is the defensive front. The whole defense, the whole offense, everybody played well.

"I talked to the coaches all the time I was there pretty much. They told me I would be a key essential to putting their defense together. They were saying they need more guys -- more guys that are good coming out of high school and more guys that need less development. I mean everyone needs development, but they are looking for guys that can play early."

Gilmore was hosted on his visit by Florida freshman defensive end and North Carolina native Alex McCalister.

"We just just hung out," Gilmore said. "He took me out with with Rhaheim Ledbetter and Jon Bullard. We just hung out and they showed me the town. I had a lot of fun with those guys."

Gilmore spent time during the game talking with Florida defensive tackle commits Caleb Brantley and Joey Ivie.

"They were cool guys," Gilmore said. "They were kind of like me -- laid-back dudes ready to ball out, go to the NFL and make that money. That's what it's all about, making those bowl games and stuff like that. They are looking to get down there and have a lot of fun."

LSU had been Gilmore's long-time leader, but after his trip to Florida, Gilmore says the Gators have pulled even with the Tigers.

"Every thing is pretty neutral right now," Gilmore said. "I'm not going to say nobody is ahead of nobody. I have a lot to consider right now and everything is pretty even right now.

"I would rate the visit an 11," he continued. "I think they really surprised me with this visit. I came in to this visit with LSU leading and I was just looking at this visit as a normal visit because I've been here before. But they really surprised me and turned the visit around and showed me the family hospitality and the hard work that they put in at the University of Florida."

Gilmore, who is the No. 9-ranked defensive tackle in the country, was joined on his visit by his dad. Gilmore says his father liked what Florida had to offer his son academically.

"My mom didn't go, but she likes Florida a lot," Gilmore said. "My dad actually went with me this time and he likes it. He likes the fact that the academics are pretty much what he wants for me. What he instills in me, they instill in us players when it comes to academics and things like that. He likes it all though."

As for future visits, Gilmore will visit LSU and possibly Virginia Tech and USC.

"I'm going to LSU Nov. 3," he said. "I think I might slide down to Virginia Tech, maybe to USC or something, but I won't be taking my parents with me. I think if I go there, I'm just going to enjoy the game and enjoy the recruiting process by myself."

Gilmore says he is close to setting a decision date and already has an idea of when he wants to announce.

"Probably after the LSU visit," Gilmore said. "Maybe the fifth or six of November. I have a lot to think about though."

With Gilmore's two leaders, LSU and Florida, squaring off in two weeks, who will the No. 101-ranked player in the country be rooting for?

"I was going to drive down for that game, but I don't think that's a good idea. I'm a USC Trojan fan, so I'm just going to stay neutral in that game and not root for either team."