The AggreGator: Tiddlywinks edition

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Around these parts, it is said that Florida and Florida State could play Tiddlywinks and it would still draw a crowd. A similar notion is proven correct time and time again, especially on the football fields, basketball courts and baseball diamonds.

Here are some notes from ESPN Stats & Info to get you ready for this year's clash of the Gators and Seminoles on the basketball court (tonight, 7 p.m. on ESPNU) ...

* Florida is 40-22 all time against FSU, 19-6 all time at home.

* Florida is going for its 12th consecutive home win.

* Florida leads the nation with 11.2 3-pointers per game and is fifth in the nation in scoring 86.1 points per game.

* Florida's three leading scorers are all guards -- Kenny Boynton (18.7 ppg), Bradley Beal (15.0 ppg) and Erving Walker (14.5 ppg).

* Florida State is second in the nation in opponents' field-goal percentage at .342 and is fourth in opponents' points per possession at 0.79.

* Florida State is trying to become the fourth team in ACC history to lead the conferenc in blocks per game (7.0) and steals per game (8.9) in the same season.

The Hype Machine: Believe it or not?

Myron Medcalf doesn't believe the SEC will truly challenge Kentucky. He says Florida's limited frontcourt depth could be an issue in conference play.

Let's hop over to recruiting before the quiet Christmas break ...

Southeast notebook (Insider)

Recruiting guru Jamie Newberg's notebook doesn't have any Gator-related updates, but it's always a good read and is packed with info on the top two SEC powerhouse programs. Jamie says Nick Saban and Alabama will not only battle Les Miles and LSU for the BCS national championship, but they are also fighting for some of the nation's top recruits.


Numbers never lie

John Elway endorsed Tim Tebow. But is Tebow really the long-term answer in Denver?

High school QB with amputated leg to be Tebow's guest

This is so heartwarming, and it shows why people really should put aside any petty reasons to dislike Tebow. He's a good guy. Tebow is flying a high school QB who had to have his leg amputated to Buffalo to be his guest at the Broncos-Bills game. Jacob Rainey, a 6-foot-3, 213-pound junior quarterback from central Virginia who had drawn comparisons to Tebow, suffered a broken leg in a scrimmage on Sept. 3, and his leg had to be amputated due to a severed artery.

Tebow visit can't keep Bills from TV blackout

I guess Tebowmania hasn't hit northern New York. Not even the power of the Mile High Messiah can put the game on Bills' fans television screens. Oh well, the rest of the country will keep watching and tell our friends up north what happened.