Film study: Gators vs. South Carolina

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Here’s an analysis of three key plays in Florida’s 44-11 victory over South Carolina on Saturday.

Driskel to Reed for a TD

The score: Scoreless less than a minute into the game.

The situation: Third-and-goal from the South Carolina 3-yard line.

Why it worked: TE Clay Burton gets a pick on LB Reginald Bowens to clear a spot for Reed.

The breakdown: The Gators are in 12 personnel -- meaning one running back (Trey Burton) and two tight ends (Burton and Jordan Reed). QB Jeff Driskel is in the shotgun, with Trey Burton to his left. WR Quinton Dunbar is lined up wide right and WR Frankie Hammond is lined up wide left but off the line scrimmage.

Reed is lined up in the slot on the left side. Clay Burton is lined up to Reed’s left, but on the line of scrimmage. Hammond goes in motion to the right and settles just to the left of Clay Burton.

At the snap, Trey Burton heads into the left flat, where he’s covered by FS D.J. Swearinger, while Dunbar heads into the end zone. Clay Burton crosses in front of Reed and heads into the middle of the field. Hammond heads straight into the end zone. Reed settles right behind Hammond at the goal line.

Burton runs into Bowens in the middle of the field at the goal line while Reed stops 2 yards into the end zone and faces Driskel. Hammond continues behind Reed to the back of the end zone.

South Carolina LB DeVonte Holloman runs past Reed to get to the flat while CB Jimmy Legree shuffles toward Reed and Hammond. He hesitates for a second as he tries to decide which one to cover. That’s all the time Driskel needs.

LT Xavier Nixon held his own one-on-one against DE Jadeveon Clowney and he’s able to stay between Clowney and Driskel. Meanwhile, LG James Wilson buries DT Gerald Dixon and lands on top of him. That opens up a huge throwing lane for Driskel, who rifles the ball into Reed for the TD.

Going forward: Clay Burton is becoming more and more involved in the offense as the season progresses. It has mainly been as a blocker, but contributing on plays like this will only increase the trust the coaching staff has in him for the last half of the season. That should mean more involvement in the passing game.

Spin move

The score: Florida leading 7-0 with little more than three minutes remaining in the first half.

The situation: Third-and-6 from the South Carolina 13.

Why it worked: UF kept extra blockers in and Dunbar broke a tackle.

The breakdown: The Gators are in 12 personnel, with Trey Burton lined up in the backfield behind Driskel, who is in the shotgun. Clay Burton is lined up next to RT Chaz Green with FB Hunter Joyer lined up off Clay Burton’s right hip. Reed is lined up next to Nixon.

Before the snap, Trey Burton goes in motion to the left and lines up off the line of scrimmage about 8 yards to the left of Nixon. Dunbar is lined up on the numbers, also off the line of scrimmage. At the snap, Reed releases and runs a post into the end zone. Burton runs a flag into the end zone. Dunbar runs a 6-yard in cut. Clay Burton and Joyer stay in to block.

Legree has dropped back to about the 3-yard line and Holloman, who had initially stuck with Reed off the line of scrimmage, peels off after he sees Driskel looking at Dunbar and heads toward Dunbar.

Again, Nixon does a good enough job one-on-one against Clowney to keep him away from Driskel.

Dunbar catches the ball at the first-down marker. Holloman takes a bad angle and tries to wrap his left arm around Dunbar. Dunbar spins around and breaks free of Holloman’s grasp. Legree over-ran the play and that allows Dunbar to easily get to the end zone.

Going forward: Florida's receivers have been inconsistent all season, but Dunbar is starting to emerge as the most reliable outside target. UF needs plays made in the passing game and Dunbar looks like he'll be the Gators' top option there to keep teams from stacking the box to stop the run and concentrating on stopping Reed.

Double handoff

The score: Florida is leading 21-8 early in the third quarter.

The situation: First-and-goal from the South Carolina 6.

Why it worked: The Gators used a little misdirection to create some confusion.

The breakdown: The Gators are in the wildcat with Trey Burton at quarterback. RB Mike Gillislee is lined up to Burton’s right while Joyer and RB Omarius Hines are lined up to Burton’s left. OT D.J. Humphries is lined up to Nixon’s left while Hammond is lined up in the right slot.

At the snap, Joyer and Hines head to the right while Gillislee heads to the left. Burton hands the ball off to Gillislee, who then hands it off to Hines. Hammond helps seal the right edge by blocking S Brison Williams. Joyer and Burton zero in on CB Victor Hampton at the 5-yard line. Hines hesitates for a fraction of a second to allow Burton and Joyer to block Hampton, then cuts inside the block and crosses the goal line as LB Shaq Wilson drags him down.

Going forward: This was a play we haven't seen all season. We may not see it again, but it certainly gives Georgia and other future opponents something else to worry about when the Gators are in the wildcat.