Big 3: Georgia's RBs present problems

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Florida coach Will Muschamp took to the SEC's weekly teleconference on Wednesday morning to talk about the Gators’ game against Georgia on Saturday. He touched on Georgia's running backs, motivation for the Georgia game and what he learned form his first season.

1. Freshmen sensations

Georgia RBs Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall have more than capably made up for the loss of RB Isaiah Crowell, and Muschamp is familiar with both players because he recruited them. The two have combined to rush for 1,110 yards and 14 touchdowns.

"Well, both guys are really talented. Gurley and Marshall are guys we recruited, both guys, and very familiar with both of them. Both have top end speed. Obviously Todd’s a little heavier at 6-1, 218 and Keith’s 5-11, about 215, 210. So both are very talented guys, do a nice job as far as the inside running game and getting the ball on the perimeter and have been very dangerous. In every game they’ve played they’ve broken runs. I think it’s a credit to what they’ve done with that offensive line. They lost some good players last year and they’ve done a good job with that."

2. Just another game

Florida can win the SEC’s Eastern Division by beating its biggest rival on Saturday, but despite what’s at stake the coaching staff isn’t doing anything special in terms of preparation or motivation for the game.

"We approach all games the same, and I know no one wants to hear that but that’s the way we do it here. When you consistently approach things the same way you approach consistent performance in your players and you don’t get a lot of peaks and valleys in how they play and how they approach it because all of a sudden, ‘If Coach Muschamp thinks this is the most important game, the next week may not be as important,’ and they all count for one and they’re all critical. We understand what’s at stake. When we got on the practice field on Monday, our guys were excited. You don’t need a bunch of pep talks this week to get them going. You don’t need to find different ways to try to motivate them this week. They’ll be excited to play."

3. Learning process

Muschamp’s second season has obviously been significantly better than his first. Here’s what he learned:

"Well, I think if you continue to do the same thing you’ll get the same results. And I’ve always lived by that. We needed to tweak some things here and there: how we worked, how we practiced, and some of the things we did because we had to. We lacked some depth and some numbers and we had some youth and we needed to continue to work. But the things that we didn’t change is philosophically our core values in the program and what we believe and what we want to be as a football program. That’s what you can’t do. It’s one thing to tweak something, but you can’t start changing every time it doesn’t work for sake of change. We never wavered. I never wavered of the path of the program and where we were headed."