Mailbag: Will loss to UGA affect targets?

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- It’s time to dip into the GatorNation recruiting mailbag and answer your questions. Because of the amount of questions we’ve received, we won’t be able to get to all of them today -- but we encourage you to post your questions on our Insider fan forum, The Chompions Club.

Chancez321: How, if at all, does this loss affect recruiting?

A: I'm a big believer that a single loss will not affect recruiting in the long run. If Georgia would have blown out Florida then maybe it would have had an impact, but it was a close game. Let's say Florida wins the rest of its regular-season games and finishes 11-1. Do you think recruits will hold against them a tough, hard-fought loss to a rival? Probably not. Guys like Laremy Tunsil, Trenton Brown and Shaq Wiggins are considering both schools, but they're smart enough to make decisions based on what is the right fit for their future, not solely based on one game.

Scot5013: David Dawson, is he really wanting to stay close to home so we are out? Do we now turn up the heat and maybe even "officially" offer Ira Denson???

A: I wouldn't say Florida is completely out of it for Dawson, but the Gators are no longer in his top three. At first, distance didn't seem to be an issue for Dawson, but as signing day nears, the distance is starting to be a much bigger issue. His top three are Wisconsin, Ohio State and Michigan State. As for Denson, Florida could certainly turn up the heat on him or look at junior college prospects. Either way, the Gators would like to add at least one more interior lineman.

exception2313: Would you say that our top three possibilities for commitments are Alex Anzalone, Marcell Harris, and Ebenezer Ogundeko? What other two prospects could round out the class? Thanks DT!!

A: In my opinion, the three guys you listed, Anzalone, Harris and Ogundeko, have a strong chance of being in Florida's class. The Gators would aso like to add another lineman, such as Denson, Tunsil or Brown, and another defensive back such as Jalen Ramsey or Wiggins, the Georgia commitment.

impulse36: Which spots on the O-line do we need the most help/depth at? Do our current commits/transfers address these positions or are we recruiting anyone to address these spots?

A: Florida has a solid group of transfers and commits. Guard/center Cam Dillard, guard/tackle Octavius Jackson, guard/tackle Max Garcia, and guard/tackle Tyler Moore are all versatile players and will give Florida a lot of options along the line next season. Dillard and Jackson will likely reshirt, but Moore and Garcia will almost certainly see early playing time. You could see a line of D.J. Humphries, Garcia, Jonotthan Harrison, Jon Halapio and Moore or Chaz Green next season. Jessamen Dunker should also compete to get in the rotation at guard. If Florida can add either Brown or Tunsil, it will create much needed depth at left tackle. Adding a guy like Denson would help with depth at right guard.

Scot5013: Montravius Adams or Greg Gilmore, both, either or neither?

A: Adams and Gilmore are both excellent prospects, but in my opinion Adams has more upside. Florida is in a battle for both prospects and it will be tough for the Gators to pull either guy. Gilmore is visiting LSU this upcoming weekend and will likely make a decision the following week. Adams has the Gators in his top five and if he sets an official visit to Florida, you will know just how serious he is about the Gators.