The AggreGator: Christmas stuffing

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- You know that feeling after you've eaten way too much food during the holidays? This is The AggreGator's equivalent with links to so much content from ESPN.com, you may need to take a nap afterward.

Boynton on the NBA radar? (Insider)

ESPN's Chad Ford, our NBA draft expert, says Kenny Boynton is emerging as a sleeper in the swampland. His hot-shooting could make him regarded as an Eddie House-type scorer by NBA scouts.

Bilas Index: Vandy lacks heart, drops (Insider)

In Week 2 of the Bilas Index, Jay's top team stays put atop the rankings, but the Vanderbilt Commodores take a nosedive. Mississippi State is the biggest riser, while Florida is holding steady at No. 13. Jay has some suggestions for Florida to improve, which is something he thinks will happen as the season progresses.

Poll positioning

The Gators moved up to No. 10 in both polls, as the rest of the top nine held their ground in the coaches poll.

Power Rankings: Syracuse takes over the top spot

Florida moves up three spots to No. 10 after crushing Florida State and its vaunted defense last week.

Kiper: Top-10 draft pick scenarios (Insider)

Based on needs and the current Big Board prospect rankings, what kind of decisions would teams be facing in the draft started today? Mel Kiper breaks it down and continues to suggest that former Florida Gator Janoris Jenkins has a good chance of being a first-round pick.

Schlabach: Big Ten needs bowl wins

After a 2-5 bowl record in 2010, the Big Ten needs a big postseason to put this season behind it. As usual, the SEC stands in its way.

McGee: Real impact of OSU’s penalties (Insider)

Ryan McGee surveys the landscape now that we’ve had some time to digest the penalties handed down to Ohio State, and concludes that the Buckeyes may carry a tainted image, but it’s one they share with many, and it shouldn’t have much of an impact on the football product.

College baseball holiday gift guide

The college baseball season is just around the corner. In the spirit of the holidays, Eric Sorenson hands out gifts for some of college baseball's top teams and leagues. In case you missed this over the holidays, Sorenson's gift to Florida from the rest of college baseball is "A sense of mercy." He says ...

The Gators have just about the exact same team returning from last year and will not only be the overwhelming preseason No. 1-ranked team in every poll -- they will probably pound everyone into submission all season long. Here's hoping they eventually show some compassion and call off the dogs.

LSU is SEC's most valuable

SEC blogger Chris Low looks at which of the SEC's football programs is the most valuable in terms of dollars and cents. According to a Forbes Magazine survey, it's LSU at $96 million. Florida came in at No. 11. The Gators had a slight drop in value from 2009, but still checked in at $86 million. Florida merchandise was the third-highest selling behind Texas and Alabama.


'Tebow Time' falling back to Earth (Insider)

In his mailbag, Adam Schefter dissects why Tim Tebow has not been performing his usual magic during "Tebow Time," a k a, the fourth quarter.

Parting shots: Tim Tebow

Jemele Hill looks at Tim Tebow and his year in the NFL.

Tebow would fit right in on diamond

Tim Kurkjian notes the sport of baseball doesn't get in such a a tizzy over odd mechanics. All that matters are the results.

GATOR BITES (news links)

Broncos loss sets up showdown between QB Tebow and Orton

Broncos vow to end playoff drought in season finale against Chiefs

Chiefs still motivated to beat Broncos