Film study: Gators vs. Louisiana-Lafayette

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Here’s an analysis of three key plays in Florida’s 27-20 victory over Louisiana-Lafayette on Saturday.

Block party 1

ULL blocks Kyle Christy's punt

The score: Florida leading 13-10 midway through the third quarter.

The situation: Fourth-and-10 at the Florida 41-yard line.

Why it didn’t work: DT Omar Hunter missed a block.

The breakdown: Florida is in punt formation, with P Kyle Christy standing on the 28-yard line. Hunter and OL Kyle Koehne are lined up side by side on the 35 as personal protectors. ULL WR Bradley Brown is lined up in the gap between long snapper Christopher Guido and the guard. DE Blake Comminie is lined up on the other side of Guido.

At the snap, Brown shoots the gap to Guido’s right untouched. Hunter takes a couple steps to his left to prevent any edge rushers from getting through. Brown fakes a step right and then heads straight for Christy. Comminie is at first blocked by LB Jon Bostic, but Bostic releases Comminie and heads down the field at the same time Brown gets by Hunter.

Brown dives in front of Christy and blocks the kick with his body. The ball bounces backwards, and Christy, S T.J. Worthy and RB Yobes Walker scramble for it at the 22. They end up on the ground, but Comminie comes in late and scoops up the ball and goes untouched for the touchdown.

Going forward: This hasn’t been an issue for the Gators so far this season, but it’s something future opponents might look to try. The Gators might make personnel changes at the personal-protector spot. At the very least, the Gators will practice it numerous times this week.