The AggreGator: Speak up

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- If you're not using your voice here on ESPN.com, allow me the opportunity to introduce you to such an avenue. Here on GatorNation, we have a premium message board called The Chompions Club. We have a free message board called Chomp Talk.

And then there are the story comments. Whoa. This is where you go when we've written about a subject near and dear to you, and you've just got to chime in. You can also use our game previews and recaps as a place for live talk. Just click on the conversation tab and start firing away (yes, it's that easy). Last night's Florida loss in double-overtime to Rutgers might not be the happiest of examples, but check out the kind of conversation that was going on, and still is.

What a game it was, that double-OT thriller. Maybe not an outcome Gator fans were thrilled by, but as ESPN's Dana O'Neil wrote Thursday night from Piscataway, N.J., it's a process. Said Billy Donovan: “What we need to do is see how self-reflective we’re willing to be. What do we need to do differently as coaches and as players? How you handle situations like this is a big part of any young player’s development. It’s a matter of what comes out of this. That’s why I say it’s bigger than this game.’’

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