Recruitment picking up for top 2013 RB

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- 2013 running back Adam Lane is one of many top prospects competing in the Under Armour underclassman combine on Saturday. At 5-foot-8, he might not stand out in a crowd, but at 210 pounds, Lane can sure pack a punch. In fact just last week, Lane said he benched pressed 415 pounds.

Lane will be one of the most sought-after backs in the southeast next season. This despite missing his junior season with a broken fibula.

Lane, who won't be able to do all the combine drills because he has not fully recovered from the injury, said no colleges have backed off of him because of the injury.

Florida, USF, Alabama and Clemson among many others have offered scholarships to Lane, but he said two schools are coming after him more than the others.

"Florida and USF are recruiting me the hardest," Lane said. "I talk to [Florida running back's coach] Brian White like once a week. He's a real nice guy. They are the teams that let me know that they need me and are really going to give me a chance to play early. That is all I need is one chance, then it's up hill from there."

With his recruitment starting to pick up, Lane can look to a familiar face to get advice on the process. Lane's brother, D.C. Jefferson, is a tight end for Rutgers and was a highly rated quarterback coming out of high school. Lane missed his brother's 27-13 Pinstripe Bowl victory over Iowa State so he could attend the Under Armour combine.

"He just tells me to be patient and enjoy it all," Lane said. "He told me make sure you love that team with all of your heart before you choose."

Lane said he has no early leaders but is planning to enroll early and major in engineering at whichever college he chooses.